About us

I believe woman should feel cute and comfortable in workout clothes even when not working out.  Activewear should be easy to dress up too so we can aways be ready for a lunch dated or to run errands. Living on a budget I couldn't do that since the super cute workout clothes was so expensive. I decided to open my own online store for other women like me with a budget.

Hi, My name is Claudia, AKA Rungirrrl =)
I'm a stay at home mother of 2 girls that has lost 50 lbs and it really has been a mission. To make a long story short I LOVE to feel comparable and look cute at the same time and workout clothes is what I wear on a daily. You can dress it up or down and not break the bank. Juicing, lifting weights, and running is my passion, not to mentions my 2 little girls keep me busy!

When pregnant from my second daughter I decided the best thing for my family was to take care of our home and my daughters. Thought about opening an online store after crying inside certain big chain activewear stores not being able to afford $120 leggings, 2 years later in January 2016 I finally got brave enough to do by own thing and here it is!

Hope you love the stuff I bring in <3

Feel free to contact me at any time, rungirrrl@gmail.com.